Saturday, 25 September 2010

Data Watcher v1.10

I just updated Data Watcher with a couple of new features:

  • The graph view now allows you to select which type of usage you want to see and over which period.
  • Pressing menu within the app gives you the option to report a problem, collecting useful technical diagnostics along the way.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Battery Watcher v1.21

I just uploaded Battery Watcher v1.21 to the Market.  Here's the changelog:

  • Added button to open battery usage screen.
  • Made interface use tabs to show preview/stats and preferences (this works better on smaller screens).
  • Made the icon in the widget reflect the current charge level.  This was a feature requested by several users.
  • Fix bug that made the widget say a droid could report 1% increments when in fact it's only capable of 10%.
  • Change the application icon to be different from the widget to avoid confusion.
Happy downloading.