Monday, 11 November 2013

Turned purpleheart speaker

Turned purpleheart USB-powered speaker

I made this turned speaker for my girlfriend's birthday.  It makes use of the boost converter described in my Instuctable.  It was a bit of rushed build so I didn't have time to take pictures but here are the specs:

  • 5V input to boost converter from a USB connection, boosted to ~18V.
  • That 18V goes as input to a 10+W amplifier module.
  • The amp drives a 3" full-range driver for 100-20,000Hz output.
  • It's all housed in a purpleheart case that I turned on the lathe.
  • After drilling holes for the accessory ports, I filled around them with Sugru for a nice finish.  I also used Sugru to add some rubber feet.
I recently added a thick MDF base (not pictured) with an in-built battery compartment so that she can move it around with her laptop easily.

I'd planned to add a laser-cut grill to the front but, although I cut the grill, I didn't have time to make a lid to house it and then the wood shrank significantly after I turned it making it very difficult to add one at this stage.

Bluetooth is next on the list...

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