Sunday, 12 January 2014

Butterfly wall hanging

I took a MIG welding course at Techshop last weekend and I wanted to get some practice in.  Since I didn't have any ideas, I asked my muse, who said, "Why don't you make me a butterfly?"

Who am I to argue!

I found all the parts in the scrap bin.  The body is made from two thin strips of thin mild steel sheet metal, tack-welded together.  The wings are 16-guage mild steel.  I cut them out roughly on the band saw and then ground them to shape on the grinder, using the polishing wheel to smooth off all the rough edges.  I used an angle grinder to take off the mill scale before welding it all together.  Finally, I used the angle grinder again to grind down the welds.

It looks nice, filling the gap above the sink.

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